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Auto 1 of Europe 2000 - 2008

Deutschlands beste Autofahrer 1999 - 2008

Clean Tech Media Award 2010 | Award for TESLA

Daimler AG
Mercedes-Benz Truck Trophy 2008

Date| Place:

October 2007 - Berlin
April/Mai 2008 - Cappadocia | Taurus  Mountains (Turkey)


ca. 9 months


06 Day events
06 Evening events

Target group:

Professional drivers and carriers | Trade Media

Number of guests preliminaries Berlin:

24 Participants
03 Press representatives
04 Staff Mercedes-Benz Trucks, Stuttgart
06 Staff Verkehrsakademie Kulmbach

Number of guests final Turkey:

10 Participants
05 Press representatives
04 Staff Mercedes-Benz Trucks, Stuttgart
10 Staff Verkehrsakademie Kulmbach
10 Staff Mercedes-Benz Türk A.S., Aksaray


Mercedes-Benz Trucks will recognize this event to demonstrate the performance of the target group of professional drivers and truck drivers do what every day on or off the streets in Germany and throughout Europe.

Agency task:

The focus is on strengthening the "direct driver communication", the new driver was designed to create a competition under the motto "Trophy Truck" in the areas of off-road, on-road and adventure. The aim of the competition is to the profession, "truck driver" get the due respect and attention it deserves. COMMPANY was entrusted with the planning, implementation and Oraganistaion as lead agency.

Organizational performance:

Consulting and concept
Visual Design (CI, Key-Visual)
Location research
Hotel search
Hotel accommodation management (guests, crew, press)
Purchasing and coordinating air charter
Position instructors and Hostesses
Planning competition (rules, tasks)
Competition through (tasks, assessment, evaluation)
overall organization
production Manager
production Assistant

Event Technology:

All technical solutions to the individual implementation of the 15 Trophy Truck with athletic competitions (on-road, off road, adventure)


The last competition within the impressive mountains of Cappadocia was a great adventure for true truck Heroes: In three days of competition, it was the Mercedes truck through the vastness of the Taurus Mountains, on slopes, which require each mesh properly. Unique landscapes and moments that you will not forget.