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FIFA Weltmeisterschaft 2006

Date| Place:
2006 - Berlin
2006 - Hamburg
2006 - Kaiserslautern
2006 - Leipzig/Dresden
2006 - München
2006 - Nürnberg

ca. 09 months

04 weeks
58 x group events,
      jeweils 02-09 Tage

Target group:
National and internationale guests
(VIPs, clients)

Number of guests:
58 x 02-25 VIP-guests and clients


Perfect VIP service around the FIFA World Cup 2006.

Back in 2005, had COMMPANY of Germany's leading chemical company, BASF received the order, a total of about sixty national and international groups to attend the World Cup.

As a result of the perfect preparation of the Japanese decided to concepts such as BASF COMMPANY the full support of all groups from 22 nations to trust.

Agency task:
COMMPANY was incumbent upon it, measured for each of the 58 groups to tailor an individual program, which depends on the varying length of stay of up to nine days, and according to the country-specific needs. Here, the Frankfurt team could exploit its full cultural competence.

Organizational performance:
overall organization
Room management (guests, crew, VIPs)
Scouting programs under
Location scouting evening event
coordinating logistics
Clothing / Accessories / Give-aways
Printing / Shipping Travel Documents
Regulatory approval process

The agency has also implemented during the 2006 World Cup projects for "TRUMPF" and "LG Electronics".